Then I made all Environments, from modeling, texturing, shading, rendering, to 2D>3D interpretation, scene building, composition and environment global look. (As Chao made some separated plants and trees design).

As most of the reaserches we made were focused on an other scenario, I had to synthesis all the reaserches we made to fit the new intentions and sometimes recreate from nothing the environment.
I worked with acid and saturated colors to fit in the "magic" and Chinese atmospheres.
I also made the water shader, which had to be transparent but not too much. I had to find something magical and mysterious.I used SSS to have a consistent and mysterious water but transparent at the same time.

Used Zbrush, Photoshop Cs4, Uvlayout, CrazyBump, and Vray.

I made at least 50 different objects with declination.
You can see here the difference between layout and final environment